I’m getting more and more excited about this flight. Especially whilst doing the preparation. I have a bunch of maps, of which one is a very detailed map with a 1:250,000 scale. On this map I’ve been drawing out the route so I can have this on standby whilst flying, to recognise as much as possible.

After this I’ve been contacting the airfields Sherburn-in-Elmet and Crosland Moor if we’re still welcome, and asked some arrival information, where to park and such.

It was also time to start the necessary. These days I could file all border/custom related stuff online in one place, gendec.eu. So that is a lot easier than a couple of years ago, when I had to fill out a spreadsheet and send that by email to HMRC. I also created flight plan templates on Homebriefing, which I basically only have to submit before we go.